Emerge Fight Series is a promotion sanctioned by the WKA (World Kickboxing & Karate Association) that allows pro/am fighters worldwide to get access to the World Professional level.

We all know that it’s not easy to get the opportunity to get to the Worldwide Pro Promotions. Because of this, the WKA as created the Emerge Fight Series.

There are four different ways to fight with us:

  • Direct access to the last 16 tournament:
    • WKA World Championships winners
    • WKA World, Region and Intercontinental title belt holders
    • Winner of 4 or 8 men tournaments organised on the countries where WKA is represented
  • Access to the Eliminations phase:
    • Wildcard voting

Fighters will subscribe to the wildcard voting poll. The Emerge Fight Series team will create their profile. Once the voting is open, Fighter should ask their fans to vote for them. According to the number of places available, the fighters with most votes will be called to fight the eliminations, that will give them access to the last 16 tournaments.

In 2023 we will propose more weight categories, and also open the tournament to Female fighters. The style remains the same as 2022 for now, K1 rules.

The weight categories retained to 2023 are:

  • Male 
    • U63.5 Kg
    • U67 Kg
    • U72.5 Kg
    • U86 Kg
  • Female 
    • U63.5 Kg

All fighters, regardless their way of access to the Emerge Fight Series Finals are responsible for covering their own travel expenses. Let’s not forget that at this moment, fighters are still amateurs. That is the only investment we will ask them. There are no entry or other hidden fees.

The winner of each weight category wins a cash price and will be proposed to sign a Professional contract with Emerge Pro League. According to the weight categories, the finalist or even the semi-finalists can also be proposed with the Professional Emerge Pro League contract.

For the 2023 version, we will have 1 contract available for the U63.5Kg Male winner, 2 contracts for the U67Kg Male finalists, 2 contracts for the U72.5Kg Male finalists, 4 contracts for the U86Kg Male semi-finalists and 4 contracts for the U63.5Kg Female semi-finalists.

Once the Emerge Fight Series done, and signed the Professional contract, the fighter joins the Emerge Pro League. The Emerge Pro Leagues contract states a minimum income of 5 figures per year, split on at least 3 fights. 

Emerge Pro League Galas will happen all over the year and all over the world. Live streamed with the WKA TV 24/7 channel.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us if you are qualified to the direct access to the Last 16 tournament or register to the Wildcard voting poll.