Under 70Kg Champion is already known!!

7 high quality fights, 8 excellent fighters. All the ingredients were present to make this event an incredible one. And what an event my … friends

The night began with Daniele Micelli from Germany facing Alec Moore from the UK. 3 rounds later, the judges decided that Daniele was moving forward in the tournament.

Then it was Gary Mack’s turn to climb into the ring against Aparecido Pereira from Brasil. The American was stronger and knocked out the Brazilian in the first round. Gary goes to the quarter finals and will fight with Daniele.

Chris Peachey from New Zealand versus Marco Gambino from England. Chris, like he said out loud at the end of the fight, “I wasn’t suppos to be here”. In fact, Chris agreed to fight Emerge Fight Series the day before, a last-minute problem preventing a fighter from traveling to Wales. Chris initially traveled from New Zealand to fight at the WKA World Championship. At the end of the fight, Marco’s preparation gave him a spot in the final 4, but Chris held on to the final with extreme panache.

The fourth fight pitted Carl McKeever from Ireland against Bahez Khoshnaw from Kurdistan. 3 intense rounds where Bahez emerged victorious and secured his place in Final 4 against Marco Gambino.

First fight of the Final 4, red corner, Gary Mack, blue corner Daniele Micelli. 3 rounds of intense K1 that Gary won by unanimous decision.

One place was still available at the final, but there were still two fighters on. On one side Bahez and on the other Marco, intense fight, impressive techniques, but in the end there can only be one winner, and the judges decided that it would be Bahez to join Gary in the final fight.

Third fight of the night for both fighters, but Gary Mack and Bahez Khoshnaw showed that even after the three intense fights, they still had what it took to present us with a beautiful, intense and passionate fight. There was only one spot for the Under 70kg champion WKA Emerge Fight Series, and the judges had the difficult task to decide between these two fighters.

The FIRST WKA Emerge Fight Series Under 70kg Champion is:

GARY “Silverback” MACK