Grab your chance to fight with us!

Wildcard voting is a unique opportunity for fighters to showcase their skills and potentially earn a lucrative professional contract. To participate, fighters must first register on our website and then encourage their fans to vote for them. The fighters with the most votes will be invited to compete in Bali, Indonesia in June.

While the fighters are responsible for covering their own travel expenses, the rewards for winning the tournament are significant. The winner of each weight class tournament will receive a cash prize, and several professional contracts will also be offered. Each contract is worth a minimum of $45,000 USD per year, providing a valuable opportunity for up-and-coming fighters to establish themselves in the sport.

Wildcards are a unique concept that allows fighters to leverage their popularity and social media presence to earn opportunities to compete at the highest level. With the chance to win cash prizes and professional contracts, it’s no wonder that so many fighters are eager to participate in this exciting event. So, if you’re a fighter looking to take your career to the next level, be sure to register and start campaigning for those votes!