Emerge Fight Series. GO!!!

Today was a great day. First WKA Emerge Fight Series event in Prestatyn, Wales.

Night started with the presentation of all Emerge Fight Series fighters.

Jakub Wayman, Michael Coyle, Aaron Towns, Brandon Cruz, Florian Connan, Jamie McGowan Jr, Rahullah Sari, Liam Alford, Daryl White and Lucas McAdam will fight for the FIRST Under 63.5Kg Champion title.

Alec Moore, Daniele Miceli, Gary Mack, Aparecido Pereira, Chris Peachey, Marco Gambino, Carl McKeever and Bahez Khoshnaw. One of this fighters will be the FIRST Under 70Kg Champion.

After all the presentations and speeches made, we had two incredible fights. All four fighters were selected by their fans through Wildcard Voting.

The first fight of the night opposed Jakub Wayman from the USA to Michael Coyle from Ireland. Jakub got his ticket to the next round.

Aaron Towns from Scotland fought Brandon Cruz from Mexico. The Scotsman won the fight and moves on to the next round.

Draws have been made and the fights will take place in the last 8 rounds are:

  • Jakub Wayman (USA) vs Florian Connan (France)
  • Jamie McGowan Jr (Scotland) vs Rahullah Sari (Australia)
  • Aaron Towns (Scotland) vs Liam Alford (Ireland)
  • Daryl White (Ireland) vs Lucas McAdam (New Zealand)