And the Under 63.5Kg Champion his…

Last Monday we discovered the two wildcard fighters who joined the Final Tournament.

Today we meet the Under Champion 63.5kg.

But let’s start at the beginning

Tonight began Jakub Wayman of the USA against Florian Connan of France. Beautiful fight from start to finish, the American showed more fighting experience and the judges were unanimous giving him the ticket to the last 4.

Jamie McGowan Jr from Scotland took to the ring to face Rahullah Sari from Australia. Very tough fight for both, but the Scotsman got the better of him and went on to the next round.

Aaron Towns of Scotland met Liam Alford of Ireland. The British fighters have already shown us that when they get in the ring, it’s not for dancing. Intense and beautiful techniques, but in the end Liam got the agreement of all the judges to go further.

For last place in Final 4, Daryl White of Ireland faced Lucas McAdam of New Zealand. We don’t get a chance to see many New Zealand fighters, but Adam showed us that they have a say in the international combat sports community and was declared the winner.

There were still four fighters in the title fight, but only two places for the final fight.

American Jakub took to the ring to face Scottish Jamie. British and Americans are known to be fighters who do not give up easily, and that’s the least that can be said of this fight. Intense from start to finish, but the Scotsman prevailed and secured the first place available in the final.

The last place to attempt the title pitted Liam Alford against Lucas McAdam. Handsome, fit, technical and intense were the main bike for this fight. Both fighters wanted the remaining spot in the final, but the Irishman secured the judges’ decision in his favor.

Then came the long-awaited moment, a British duel, Liam Alford against Jamie McGowan. After the previous fights, we already knew that the rink would catch fire. After 3 fights for each side, the intensity did not drop and the two fighters showed that they wanted to take the belt home.

At the end of the fight, the judges had to decide, and crowned champion Jamie McGowan Jr.