2023 What’s new?

The main lines for the 2023 edition of the WKA Emerge Fight Series are already set.

The winners of the two 2022 categories (Jamie McGowan and Gary Mack) have already signed their professional contracts. Of the two finalists, only Bahez signed his contract, since Liam Alfort had to resign, with much respect, due to military service to his country and will be deployed abroad.

Marco Gambino, Lucas McAdam and Jakub Wayman also have the contract in their possession. As for Daniele Micelli, after the 2022 finals in Wales, he does not respond to the multiple messages and attempts to contact him from us or the German promoter, for which he failed to sign a professional contract.

For 2023, we decided to take another step forward in the promotion of amateur athletes and give them the opportunity to take the big step to the Professional world.

We decided to abandon the -70kg category, but we added three more male weight categories.

So this are the weight categories for 2023:

    • Male
      • -63.5kg
      • -67Kg
      • -72.5kg
      • -86kg
    • Female
      • -63.5kg

Therefore, for the 2023 finals, the WKA Emerge Fight Series proposes:

  • 1 male contract -63.5kg (only for the winner)
  • 2 male contracts -67Kg (for the two finalists)
  • 2 male contracts -72.5kg (for the two finalists)
  • 4 male contracts -86kg (for the 4 semi-finalists)
  • 4 female contracts -63.5kg (for the 4 semi finalists)

Some countries will organize elimination stages to get direct access the final tournament, such as the United States or Australia. For athletes who want to participate, contact us to check if eliminations will happen in your country or a Wildcard registration phase will open within a few days, followed by an online vote. The athletes with the most votes get the right to fight in the eliminations in Bali, Indonesia.

The eliminations and finals are this year in Bali, Indonesia, between the 19th and 26th June. As 2022, all athletes need to present themselves in Bali the June 19th. Accommodation is held by WKA Emerge Fight Series, but return flights, visa and any other expense is responsibility of the fighter.